BennVenn's Digital Brightness Controller + Voltage Regulator (Combined)

BennVenn's Digital Brightness Controller + Voltage Regulator (Combined)


Table of Contents

  • Change Log
  • Introduction
  • Required Supplies
  • Installation

Change Log

[0.1.0] - 2019-04-17

  • Initial release


The following tutorial will guide you through the steps to install BennVenn's Digital Brightness Controller and the AGS-101 Voltage Regulator together.

We assume you have basic soldering skills, that you know how to clean surfaces before soldering and that you already know how to add a backlight to a Game Boy. This guide will only instruct you on how to integrate the voltage regulator in your mod.

The wires we use are 30 AWG Silicone-Cover Stranded-Core.

NOTE: that the information given here is provided to the best of our knowledge at the moment of writing and could change over time. Anything you might do is at your own risk and we can't be held responsible if things turns out bad on your end. Attempt at your own risk.

Required Supplies:


Follow the guide for the AGS-101 Voltage Regulator and the Digital Brightness Controller and return here for the final step.


When preparing the Voltage Regulator, you may omit the longer of the 2 ground wires. Since the LCD ground will now be connected to the brightness controller.


Solder the OUT wire from the Voltage Regulator to the positive (left side) of the LCD power input.
Solder the regulated ground from the Digital Brightness controller to the negative (right side) of the LCD Power input.


Apply Kapton tape over the soldered wire to prevent an inadvertent short. Don't forget to connect and secure the ribbon cable before testing.

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