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Freeplaytech's Freeplay Zero is a next-generation retro video game handheld. Inspired by and based on Retro Pie, the Freeplay Zero looks like your favorite classic handheld but allows you to customize what and how you play.

What you're buying here is a pre-built Freeplay Zero unit. Keep in mind that, even with us building the console, you will need to spend time configuring it according to your needs. Configuring Wi-FI, button mapping, etc. requires working knowledge of Linux. Please keep the DIY nature of this project in mind when purchasing.

If you're looking for a ready to play GBA, please check out our build to order Game Boy Advance. Adventurous modders seeking to undertake the project themselves are invited to have a look at our convenient DIY project builder.

Please read the entire product description carefully before placing your order. Limited quantities available each week.

Base Price Includes

  • Freeplay Zero Kit
  • Time and labor to build the custom console according to your specifications

Button Options

  • Starting April 19, 2019, all units use the soft-button configuration
  • Button colors can be individually selected to suit your aesthetic preferences
  • Buttons are carefully sanded down to remove the A and B lettering
  • For accurate button labeling, please see the image at the bottom of the product description. Corresponding Super Famicom colors are listed below the drop-down menus for customers interested in capturing that retro aesthetic.

Micro SD Card Options

  • San Disk Ultra Micro SD cards are available for purchase with your build. Should you purchase a Micro SD card, we will flash the appropriate image and configure it for you, but you will still have to supply your own software and games. Any additional configuration will be your responsibility
  • Due to the DIY nature of this item, no warranty will be offered on opened consoles. We strongly advise you to get a Micro SD card with enough memory to prevent you from ever opening the console to upgrade it


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  • Purchasing this console requires that you read, test, and learn. If you're not ready to spend the time discovering how this product works, this is not the device for you. For a ready to play GBA, please check out our build to order Game Boy Advance
  • RetroPie is built on top of RaspbianEmulationStationRetroArch, and Libretro, etc. Please familiarize yourself with these products before purchasing.
  • Advanced support for the product can be found on the Freeplaytech forum. Additional support may be found on the Retro Pie, Emulation Station, and Game Pie Advance forums
  • For customers living in the United States, due to restrictions imposed by USPS surrounding the transportation of LiPo batteries, this product can only be shipped to you via ground transportation, which may extend the time it takes for you to receive your order 
  • Please note that batteries are prohibited from being shipped into Germany. German customers who have placed orders for individual batteries and for custom consoles with our battery packs will be contacted for a refund. Unfortunately, this situation is out of our control. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause
  • Volume controls are reversed due to space constraints
  • Opening your console will void your warranty. We do not accept returns for Freeplay CM3 consoles that have been opened
  • Returns based on a failure to understand the complexity of this product will be subject to a 20% restocking fee regardless of whether the return is made within 30 days of the product being shipped
  • This unit is handmade and may have slight imperfections or variations
  • Retro Modding is not responsible for how you choose to use this device


Soft Buttons configuration.