Build to Order Game Boy

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To keep up with demand while reducing our lead time, we've started imposing weekly limits on how many orders we accept. If you see this product is listed as out of stock, please check back next week. Thank you for your patience.

Base price includes

  • DMG donor console (PCB)
  • Time and labour build the custom console according to your needs. You will receive a fully built console

LCD Options

Bivert Options

Audio Options

All our pro-sound are soldered pre-pot unless asked otherwise.

  • Pro-Sound - 1/8": Simple headphone jack (fragile, not for live performance)
  • Pro-Sound - 1/4": High quality guitar jack
  • Pro-Sound - 2x RCA: Top mounted RCA jacks
  • Pro-Sound - PCB Mount Pro Sound V3: High-end, robust (recommended for live performances)
  • GBAmp v3: +16dB gain to the internal speaker


All these parts can be customized to your liking.

  • Shell
  • Screen Lens
    • Glass Lens
    • Plastic Lens
  • Buttons
    • Original style
      D-Pad have lines, A-B Buttons are convex (rounded out)
    • NES style
      D-Pad have arrows, A-B Buttons are concave (carved in)
  • Silicone Pads

Important Notes

  • Kindly allow a lead time of up to 12 weeks for this to be completed and shipped.
  • Any lead time starts when all pre-order items are in stock.
  • Our units comes with a 3D printed Retro Modding sticker at the back.