Metal Jesus Rocks Ultimate Game Boy Advance V2 DIY Kit

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The long-awaited follow-up to the Metal Jesus Rocks Ultimate Game Boy Advance V1 is finally here. As many of you have seen on Metal Jesus Rocks' YouTube channel, we built the most amazing Game Boy Advance—yet again.

This DIY kit includes all the mods you need to build your very own Metal Jesus Rocks Ultimate Game Boy Advance V2. The project is intended for intermediate and experienced modders who have a strong knowledge of how to solder. Adventurous beginners are welcome to purchase this kit, but please note that it's not an easy entry point into hardware modding!

Don't want to build it yourself? Get a modded MJRV2 or customize your console with our build to order Game Boy Advance.


  • Includes all the mods you need to build the most amazing GBA
  • Packaged for either 32-pin or 40-pin boards
  • Enjoy the experience of completing a DIY mod


  • Customize your shell, button, and start-select silicone pad colors to bring your own style to the MJRV2 or follow Metal Jesus' lead and choose a clear purple shell, black buttons, and a light gray start-select pad!



    • This kit does not include the Game Boy Advance (AGB-001) console, the tools, the wiring, or the shell trimming required for this project
    • To find out whether you have a 32-pin or 40-pin Game Boy Advance board, open the battery compartment and look at the spot where the battery cover clips in. You should be able to see the board number, which starts with either a 0 or a 1. If it starts with 0 (ex: 03 4-1), it's a 40-pin board. If it starts with 1 (ex: 10 1-2), its a 32-pin board. Images are available in our AGS-101 ribbon guide.
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