Game Boy Plastic Screen Lens

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Our unique, Game Boy plastic screen lenses are produced with modern manufacturing techniques. They are laser-cut, not molded, this offers a cleaner cut than any other alternatives. They offer a better resistance to surface scratch compared to lower-end alternatives. Their front side has an easy-to-peal pre-cut plastic film over it. Their back side includes a waxed paper instead of plastic, reducing contact with dust during application. These lenses offer a level of quality close to the genuine parts and a perfect physical fit to original and after-market shells. They are offered in single-tone colors for a simplistic, modern look.

A low-cost alternative can be found here also.

"Clear" screen covers are not the same as our Game Boy Clear DIY Screen Lens. These clear screen covers are meant to be applied as is, where as the kit is meant to be painted.


  • Perfect fit in all classic Game Boys
  • Power LED hole is the correct size for classic Game Boy shells.
  • Not prone to lifting when applied to a clean surface
  • Laser-cut - Cleaner cut than authentic screen covers
  • Pre-attached adhesive - No glue or tape necessary
  • Ships with protective plastic on both sides.


    • 1x Game Boy DMG Screen Cover

    It is crucial that all dried adhesive is removed from the shell before applying the the screen cover. If there is dried adhesive on the shell, then the screen cover will be "floating" off of the plastic, and may not seat properly.

    Color may slightly vary from what you see on your display.