Gameboy Advance Ultimate Rechargeable Battery Pack

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Here it is, finally. A high quality, high efficiency, long-lasting Gameboy Advance battery pack you can charge on the go. This is a custom-built device made especially for the Gameboy Advance system.

What is it?

Our rechargeable battery pack consists of a custom-built rechargeable micro USB board for Gameboy Advance and an attached rechargeable LiPo battery.

How is it installed?

The battery pack fits inside the battery compartment of the console. Minimal trimming is required to allow it to fit in place.

How do I charge it?

To charge, plug in a micro USB cable powered with 1Amp / 2.1Amp / 3Amp, like (almost) any cell phone chargers or USB battery packs. Yes, you can play while charging!

How long does it last?

Our Ultimate model (1400mAh) offers 40% longer longevity, they offer up to 20 hours on stock units and around 10 hours on fully modded units.

How do I know the battery level?

Our battery pack features an innovative power regulator that will trigger the console's Red POWER light  when the battery is running low.

As a last mean of indication, the battery pack's Red light will illuminate when the battery's voltage drops close to shut off (5 minutes): last chance not lose your game.

Once the battery pack is plugged-in, the battery pack's status LED will display Blue.

Once the battery is fully charged, the battery pack's status LED will display Green.

When you unplug your micro USB cable, the battery pack's LED shuts off.

Why not make it a trim free solution?

These battery packs have been made with after-market shells in mind. Most of our customers are into modding thus will not mind removing minimal amount of unseen plastic from their shells. We discourage anyone in trimming genuine shells.

We are currently working on another design that uses a different configuration which would not require any shell modifications but would offer slightly less runtime.  When that version is ready, we will add it as an option here.

Do I need a trimmed battery cover?

No need to modify the battery door if you want to keep that original look on the outside. That option would require the battery cover to be removed when charging.

If you want to be able to charge without taking out the battery cover each time, we offer pre-trimmed battery doors with an attached LED pipe.

How long does it take to get my battery pack?

Our battery packs are produced in-house, which means that some production time is always involved. Each battery also goes through a rigorous quality assurance process before shipping. Even if you don't order trimming, please be advised that there may be up to 2 week lead time on rechargeable battery packs. 


  • ~14hrs/20hrs Of Runtime*
  • ~2hrs/2.5hrs charging time
  • Rechargeable via micro USB (1Amp / 2.1Amp / 3Amp, works with most external phone chargers, USB battery packs, etc.)
  • Battery pack status LED Indicator (Low battery, Charging, Charged)
  • Proper usage of the console's power LED (On, Low battery)
  • Seamless play during charge
    • Play on battery
    • Plug in to charge
    • Unplug to leave the house and keep playing
  • Play while plugged into mains USB power
    • Play without using battery power (keeping the battery charged)
  • Storage-mode (Switch puts the battery in ultra-low-power mode when not in use for long periods)
  • Fits perfectly inside the battery compartment (minimal cutting required, can easily be done with a wire clipper)**
  • No need to modify the battery door if you want to keep that original look on the outside
  • Easily removable (Can buy 2 and easily swap when one goes dead on the go)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • 1Amp Short-circuit protection
  • Low-voltage protection
  • Under-voltage protection

What's included

  • 1x 1400mAh Gameboy Advance Rechargeable Battery Pack


Installation instructions will be available from our Tutorials page soon.



* On an unmodded console. ~7hrs/10h of runtime on a fully modded consoles, Backlight + Amplifier + Voltage Regulator at full brightness (yea baby!)

** Small parts of the console's battery compartment will need to be cut in order to fit this battery pack. We strongly advise you to grab one of our Gameboy Advance Replacement Shell to avoid wrongfully damaging your genuine console.

Images are from our second prototypes. The appearance of the product's  you will receive may vary slightly from what you see on the pictures (color, thickness, LED positioning, etc.).

The 1000mAh version has been discontinued in favor of the Ultimage 1400mAh model.