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If you're looking to give your console a bit of 80's throwback style, look no further! This Neon Boy shell features a UV-printed design by Mizucat, that will be sure to give your handheld an explosion of nostalgic flair.


  • Machine cast DMG shell with a lightly textured finish to reproduce the feel of the original housing
  • High-quality print on both front and back of the DMG shell


    • 1 x Custom UV printed front and back DMG shell with matching battery door
    • 1 x Extension (link) port cover
    • 1 x Set of brand new screws 


      • Colors may vary from what you see on your display
      • This shell is an aftermarket part that may not look or feel identical to the original
      • Hydro-alcoholic gels (such as hand sanitizer) and their residue can damage the print if they come in contact. Please pay particular attention to this when using UV-printed shells.

        Customer Reviews

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        Fresh Like 90's Arcade Carpet

        The shell is amazing. I'm immediately filled with joy when I look at it, and it reminds me of the good ol' days. Pizza parties, Arcade games, tickets and toys and pockets full of candy. And Gameboy.

        I also used Natalie the Nerd's pink led button kit, a pink 3D printed frame for around the screen, and those amazing Pocket Rock sprinkle buttons. I had no choice but to build it when confronted with these options.

        My one true criticism goes for all the custom printed shells here at Retro Modding. They need to have the larger opening for Q5 screens such as the larger Funnyplaying Retro Pixel and RIPS v4 OSD kits. It would require them to change their in-house mold, but it needs to be done. I don't want to cut the window larger myself because there's usually a graphic printed around the screen, which is why I use a clear glass lens. If these shells accomodated the larger IPS screens, they would be perfect. For now, I keep buying older, smaller, and undesirable kits to put in these shells.

        Beautiful case

        Very beautiful and very quality uv printing. I'm very happy

        Too cool for school!

        Superb shell. It was so cool, my wife stole it!