BennVenn's Joey Jr. - USB GB/C/A Cart Dumper

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A USB2.0, Drag and Drop, No drivers, No software, Cart dumper and save transfer device. Plug your cart in, Plug the USB cable in, you can access your ROM and Saves as if they were a thumb drive.

Not to replace the Gen3, the Joey Jr. does not support flashing carts, only simple save transfer. You can play your carts directly in an emulator and it'll save your progress directly back to your cart. Edit: BV5 bootleg flashing support has been added, homebrew carts like Jrod, ElCheapoSD debricking. 

Ideal for battery swaps, GB Camera image extractions, Save and ROM backups, playing your ROM and Save off your cart in an emulator in real time (gameshark, gamegenie etc), saving back to the cart when you exit.

Firmware updates over USB. OSX*, Linux, Windows, even Pi support. Under 2 seconds to dump a Pokemon cart. Almost instant save backup and restoring.

It doesn't get easier than this!

*OSX support: While it was tested on a 2008 iMac, OSX support is not guaranteed. It isn't uncommon for apple to change their USB MSC drivers which can break compatibility with emulated file systems.

Currently supports GB and GBC Carts, both ROM dumping and Save read/write. GBA currently is in development, ROM dumping has been tested. Save read/write is in development.



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