Build to order Gameboy Advance

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  • $49.99

The base price includes:

  • 1x AGB-001 donor console
  • Time and labour build the custom console according to your needs.

This does NOT include shell nor replacement screen, you NEED these in your cart as well:

You have the choice between:

  1. Keep the original screen (default)
  2. Front-lit (AGS-001) screen
  3. Back-lit (AGS-101) screen (Best choice...)
  4. Back-lit (AGS-101) screen with a switch to toggle brightness mode (Even better...)


  • GBAmp3 (includes new speaker)

NEW: A voltage regulator is included in every AGS-101 + GBAmp v3 combo, this prevents screen flickering issue at max volume.

There has been LOTS of interest with these so kindly allow up to 40 business days for your console to be shipped.