Game Boy Advance IPS LCD

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Introducing the sharpest Game Boy Advance display yet. Gone is the blur of early 2000s hardware. Enjoy your favorite GBA titles with this startlingly crisp and impressively vibrant backlit IPS LCD display by Funny Playing

Please read the product description carefully before purchasing. Limited stock available.


  • Backlit IPS LCD brighter than AGS-101 or NDSL displays
  • Crisper image than the AGS-101
  • Proportional image
  • Fast refresh rate with no blur
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Easy, solder-free installation with little trimming involved
  • 10 brightness levels (requires soldering three wires)


  • 1 x IPS LCD
  • 1 x Ribbon cable adapter (compatible with 32 and 40-pin boards)
  • 1 x Retro Modding 3D-printed centering bracket
  • 1 x Foam tape
  • 1 x Offset glass lens with metallic GBA logo(not intended for centered LCD)


Please check out our tutorial for instructions on how to install the IPS LCD (centered and offset methods). We've also included instructions on how to install the built-in brightness controller.


  • Unlike the AGS-101 display, the IPS LCD is much thinner and has a larger bezel on the left side. Since most of the display is not supported by the shell, we have designed a 3D-printed centering bracket, which will ship with the LCD. It's also available separately.
  • The glass lens that comes with the IPS LCD is from the manufacturer and is intended for use with the offset installation. This lens is not designed for the centered installation using our centering bracket. 
  • The IPS panel's viewing area is slight larger than that of the AGS-101. In order to make the entire display visible, the LCD requires a lens with a slightly larger viewing area (~1 mm on each side). We sell silk screen centered lenses with this larger viewing opening.
  • The interior left wall (D-pad side) must be removed to center the viewing area on the display. We now offer this trim for the centered IPS LCD installation for all our GBA shells.
  • Since the viewing area is approximately the same dimensions as the shell's display cut-out (~77 mm) the the edge of the shell will be visible unless trimmed. 
  • Wires to connect the brightness controller are not included with the LCD. We recommend using 30AWG silicone stranded-core wire.
  • Due to the black magic used to create this panel and ribbon adapter, there's a visible diagonal frame refresh that occurs in moments of transition, which is noticeable in some games. This is due to the frame buffer. It's subtle and we consider the benefits of the display to outweigh this minimal tearing, but please keep this in mind before you purchase this product.


  • LCD may break under pressure or if dropped. We recommend you exercise care when installing this product.

Change Log

2019-06-21:  Clarified product notes, specified that offset lens includes metallic Game Boy Advance logo, updated tutorial and glass lens links, added wire gauge recommendation, removed pre-order. 

2019-06-12 3D-printed centering bracket added to what's included in the LCD kit.

2019-06-10: Description updated to include notes about viewing area and diagonal screen tearing.

2018-06-08: Product added with a note that description was in progress.