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The superior Funnyplaying IPS kit for DMG, featuring the retro pixel grid similar to the Game Boy Pocket IPS, is available here.

If you're looking for a crisp, full-sized backlit LCD for your Game Boy, look no further than this IPS LCD kit. This kit contains everything required to give your old DMG a bright new display. In addition, the viewing area is the same size as the stock display, meaning no special lens is required!

We're offering this product both as a DIY kit, and a pre-assembled drop-in. The DIY kit will provide you with all that you need to install this LCD, and will require some soldering for the Game Boy speaker. The pre-assembled drop-in will come with the kit pre-assembled, and will include a new GameBoy speaker already soldered to the PCB. 

If you're looking to go all the way with refreshing the look of your old Game Boy, check out our shells, buttons, and glass lenses! As well, while our bracket was designed for laser cut acrylic, if you would like to 3D print your own, you can download the STL file on our thingiverse. 

Important: Even with the preassembled kit, two screw posts will need to be cut on the shell. We will be posting a tutorial shortly, that includes a photo of which screw posts to cut. 


  • LCD replacement for original Game Boy
  • Includes replacement front PCB with button contacts
  • Pre-Assembled Drop-In is completely solder free, while DIY kit requires some soldering for speaker
  • Minor shell trimming required (screw posts need to be cut)
  • Same viewing area as the original display
  • 8 different color modes to choose from
  • Brightness control (replaces contrast wheel)


v2 DIY Kit:

  • 1x IPS LCD
  • 2x PCB
  • 2x Ribbon Cable
  • 1x Acrylic Spacer
  • 1x Adhesive

    v2 Pre-Assembled Drop-In:

    • 1x fixed and pre-assembled IPS drop-in kit, including:
      • 1x IPS LCD
      • 2x PCB
      • 2x Ribbon Cable
      • 1x Acrylic Spacer
      • 1x Adhesive
      • 1x Game Boy Speaker (pre-soldered to PCB)

    v3 DIY Kit:

    • 1x IPS LCD
    • 2x PCB
    • 2x Ribbon Cable
    • 1x 3D-printed bracket
    • 1x Adhesive


    • The files for the 3D printed bracket can be found on our Thingiverse, here


    • This is an aftermarket product and may not feel identical to its genuine counterpart
    • We strongly recommend testing this LCD before installing it in your console; we are unable to accept returns on kits that have been installed in a console
    • Too much pressure can permanently damage the screen and result in rows of dead pixels. Do not force the shell closed around the LCD.
    • Some minor shell modification is required, involving cutting the screw posts on the interior front of the shell. This trimming can be accomplished with a pair of side cutters.


    • LCD may break under pressure or if dropped. We recommend you exercise care when installing this product.

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