Build to Order Freeplay CM3

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The Freeplaytech's Freeplay CM3 is inspired by (and runs) RetroPie. RetroPie is built on top of Raspbian, EmulationStation, RetroArch & Libretro, etc. If you haven’t checked out those projects, please do.

What you are buying here is a pre-built Freeplaytech's Freeplay CM3 unit. Keep in mind, even with us building the console and configuring it for you, you will need to spend time to configure it according to your needs (Wifi, button mapping, etc). Keep in mind the DIY nature of this project before proceeding with your purchase.

Starting April 19th 2019, all units will use the new soft-buttons configuration!

Only the X and Y, L2 and R2 buttons can be configured of a different color than the master buttons set selected.

Soft Buttons configuration.

The base price includes:
  • Time and labour to build the console
  • Freeplay CM3 kit (\w CM3 processing unit)


Please read the following notes carefully

Be ready to read a lot on the Retro Pie, Emulation Station and Game Pie Advance's forums for advanced support.

Buying this console will require you to read, test and learn. If you are not ready to spend time, we strongly discourage you from purchasing this device.

Volume Controls are REVERSED due to space constraints.

Opening your console will void your warranty.

Some imperfections can be present, as this is a handmade unit, not a mass-manufactured one.