Freeplay Zero / CM3 DIY Project Builder

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The Freeplay Zero is inspired by (and runs) RetroPieRetroPie is built on top of RaspbianEmulationStationRetroArch & Libretro, etc.

We partnered up with the amazing crew at Freeplaytech to offer you a central place to grab all parts needed to build yourself a Freeplay Zero / CM3 console.

This is intended as a do-it-yourself (DIY) product, so please fully inform yourself before proceeding to do anything yourself. For hardware-specific information about the Freeplay Zero see the original Kickstarter.

Enjoy the process of building your own Freeplay Zero! Here is a tutorial video from Ed at Free Play Tech.

How does it works?

  1. Select the Base Kit you would like, Zero or CM3 or leave empty if you provide your own base kit;
  2. Select any parts you want from the available choices;
Note: You will get individual parts, not a pre-built console.