Funny Playing Replacement GBA SP IPS Ribbon

Funny Playing
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Replacement Ribbon for Funny Playing’s Game Boy Advance SP IPS LCD.


  • 1 x IPS Ribbon for Game Boy Advance SP


  • This ribbon needs to be folded during installation. Make sure to carefully only fold the parts that requires it.
  • Before installing, Kapton should be used to cover exposed electronics and prevent shorts between the console PCB and the components on the ribbon
  • Please be careful while installing and removing the LCD from the ribbon’s LCD connector, as they are both extremely fragile.


  • Ribbons are extremely fragile. Any unnecessary folds, heat or pressure could cause permanent damage. Be sure to install carefully.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brian MacKenzie
Good product and quick shipping. A+

Original item was defective, however they were quick to ship out a replacement! A+

Richard M.
Had a problem, They fixed it fast!

Retro modding has been awesome when it comes to custom systems. I purchased some parts to build my own GBA SP from them. One part was damaged, but they replaced it super fast. All is well with my GBA SP build. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Thanks retromodding!

Richard M.