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The Retro Pixel IPS arrives on the Game Boy Color! Featuring a slightly larger LCD, touch brightness control, and a variety of display effects, this kit from Funnyplaying contains everything you need to have your console up and running with a new display in no time. 

Please read the product description carefully and in its entirety before purchasing. 


  • Crisp, vibrant display
  • Fast refresh rate with no blur
  • 25% larger than stock LCD
  • Multi-level touch brightness control
  • 5 display modes (default / none, vertical scanlines (standard, dark, or thick), and retro pixel grid)


  • 1x IPS LCD
  • 1x Ribbon cable
  • 1x Double-sided installation tape
  • 1x Glass screen lens (no logo)
  • 1x Touch sensor
  • 2x 20mm wire
  • 1x 5mm wire
  • 1x Centering bracket


    • Some soldering is required (6 solder points total)
    • Some shell trimming is required to accommodate the larger LCD. A trim guide can be purchased here
    • Pressing start + select will cycle through the 5 display modes
    • Ribbon is very fragile, be sure to install carefully.
    • This screen kit includes a bracket that comes with the kit. With the checkbox, you can add a new 3-pieced bracket we've developed for this screen kit.
    • We strongly recommend testing the display before installing it in your Game Boy Color. Once the foam tape is applied to your shell, it cannot be safely removed. Please confirm the kit is working before connecting the foam, bracket, and LCD. We are unable to accept returns on kits that have been installed in a console. Individual replacement parts are available above in the "Included" section.
    • Too much pressure can permanently damage the screen and result in rows of dead pixels. Do not force the shell closed around the LCD. Ensure the shell is properly trimmed for the IPS LCD before attempting to install it.


    • LCD may break under pressure or if dropped. We recommend you exercise care when installing this product.
    • Ribbon cable is fragile; be sure to install it carefully.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    David G
    Just What I Was Looking For

    It was a fairly simple install (granted, I didn't use my original shell), and just what I needed to breathe new life into my GBC.

    Burd Turgler
    Looks Good

    The touch sensor is tough to get right.

    The ribbon is not that good

    The touch sensor for the ribbon is not very sensitive, tried a bunch of placementd and it's really hard for it to pick up. At some point it stopped working and ended up with unusable product. Not sure if it was caused by my poor handling of the product but it should be more reliable. Great costumer service tho


    Game Boy Color Retro Pixel IPS LCD

    joel persson

    10/10 and pretty easy install