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Gameboy Advance SP Hinges

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If you're planning to give your Game Boy Advance SP a makeover with a new shell or if your SP has started to flop due to faulty hinges, these replacement axles are just what you need. Simply remove the broken hinges, transfer the plastic caps onto the replacement barrels, and slide them into the hinge hole on the console's housing.


  • Ideal for reshelling your GBA SP in a new aftermarket shell 
  • Simple snap-in installation
  • Includes left and right barrel hinge


  • 2 x GBA SP hinges / axles 


  • Remember to place the plastic cap on the hinges before inserting them into the shell
  • Ensure the grooves are properly lined up before beginning the installation process
  • You may need to apply some force to snap the hinges into place. Make sure you protect the shell and the LCD before applying force on the unit
  • It is recommended that you keep your original hinges for use in genuine shells or in clear third party SP shells since there may be some compatibility issues with this item
  • This is an aftermarket product and may not feel identical to its genuine counterpart

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Good Hinges

Good OEM Hinges.

After-market not great

I'm reviewing the after-market hinges. They aren't great. Mine were able to fit, but the classic snappiness just isn't there. It just doesn't feel right. I 100% recommend using your original hinges if you have them, or get the genuine ones.

As described

The "genuine" hinges are OEM authentic pulled from original consoles. However one set that I purchased did have internal rust that had seized up the hinge, making it unable to rotate. There is a certain risk with purchasing OEM products like this because the parts are already in a "used" condition.

Doesn’t fit all hinge caps

The way the aftermarket outer pin is made makes in incompatible with some hinge caps. Kinda frustrating, so beware!

Didn't fit

I got 2 sets, and I couldn't get any of them to fit properly in either mine or my brothers shell, so we wound up having to put the OEM ones back in.

I'm sorry to hear that Brenden.

Could you tell us what kind of shells you used that did not work with these hinges?