Game Boy Advance SP Power Port

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This replacement power connector for the Game Boy Advance SP can help resolve issues related to charging your console and outputting audio through the console's headphone to power port adapter

AC power adapters for the GBA SP are also available. 


  • Power socket compatible with genuine and aftermarket AGS charging cables and headphone adapters
  • Can help solve issues relating to an inability to charge your console


  • 1 x Replacement power port


  • This product requires soldering
  • This is an aftermarket product and may not perform the same way as its genuine counterpart

Customer Reviews

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Part has to be modified too heavily

The part does not properly fit on a gameboy SP circuit board. All pins on the connector must be individually bent, shaped and cut. This would not be a huge problem some of the pins weren't behind others which requires bending that stresses the part itself and is extremely difficult to avoid shorting. The tutorial video provided by this site also heavily criticizes the part and is a long drawn out video of someone suffering with it. I hope a better product with proper pin positions can be made available soon.

Tutorial Link?

The video tutorial you linked in my last review is locked behind some kind of wall. Could you relink it?

This is the link you gave me:

Thank you.

Hi Douglas,

The last comment was edited. It now show the correct link. You can also find the video here:

The RM Team

Pin Position?

The charging port on the GBA SP is a surface-mount module, not a through-hole, yet the pins on this replacement seem to be designed for the latter. Why is this, and is it possible to purchase this piece with proper pin alignment?

Hi Douglas, thank you for this review.

This product can be a bit confusing to install. This video by a great modder should explain it to you clearly: