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EZ-Flash Omega

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EZ-Flash is back with a new GBA flash cart model. The ingenious design allows the PCB to fit flush inside both the Nintendo DS and GBA handhelds thanks to two removable faceplates. Enjoy your favorite GBA games alongside the form factor of your choosing. 


  • Compatible with the GBA, NDS, and NDSL
  • Easily copy and play GBA games without the use of special software
  • Fast patch engine and manual patch engine to support modified ROMs
  • Instant loading
  • Hardware-based direct save to SD card
  • Cheat support
  • Save state support
  • Real time clock
  • Built-in sleep feature
  • Customizable hotkey
  • 256 MB PSRAM
  • 512 MB Norflash
  • Compatible with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and NES games
  • System on chip level recovery mode
  • Supports FAT16, FAT32, and EXFAT
  • Compatible with 128 MB to 128 GB SD cards
  • Upgradeable firmware and kernal
  • GBA and NDS faceplates for a perfect fit in the console of your choosing



  • 1 x EZ-Flash Omega
  • 1 x GBA faceplate
  • 1 x NDS faceplate


  • Once your unit has been received, please update to the latest firmware
  • This product is not compatible with the GBAccelerator at 1.5x, 1.75x, and 0.85x speeds. This product can be used in consoles that have had the GBAccelerator installed, provided that the speed is kept at 1x.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Everything you need in one cart

Amazingly fast loading time and great features. Couldn't be happier.

Works great, user-friendly

I still haven't figured out all the advanced functions, but in terms of just storing and playing games, it works excellently. GB/GBC roms run on it too, and can run them as if they were in an original gameboy (with various palette options), or as if they were plugged into a GBA (for those few games late in the GBC life cycle that came with bonus features on the GBA). For all basic functions, everything is pretty straightforward and simple.
If I had to pick something to complain about, while I appreciate the option to bundle the flash cart with a new MicroSD card, I wish I wasn't required to buy one, since I already had a spare laying around the house (but that's not really a complaint against the product itself.)

EZ-Flash Omega

This thing works great, just remember to wait a few seconds before turning your console off after saving. My cart's RTC function gets very out of sync despite the battery being 3.03v. I think I just got a dud as everything else works perfectly fine. RTC isn't a big deal for me anyways


EZ-Flash Omega


Easy to use, fast set up, works awesomely