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Game Boy Advance Fuse

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If your Game Boy Advance won't turn on, one of the first things to check is the continuity of the fuse. If it's been overcharged, pick up this replacement fuse to repair your console and go back to enjoying your favorite GBA games.


  • Replacement fuse for Game Boy Advance
  • Helps prevent damage to the PCB


  • 1 x Game Boy Advance replacement fuse


  • This product is not compatible with the GBA SP. Please check out our Game Boy Advance SP fuse if you need to repair your SP
  • To test your fuse using a multimeter, place one probe on either side of the fuse above the power switch. If you don't hear a beep from the multimeter, the fuse was burnt and needs to be replaced. Do not jumper the fuse as a diagnostic test
  • Replacing the fuse does not solve the underlying issue that caused the fuse to burn in the first place. Determine what caused the fuse to blow before installing this replacement part

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Damian Andreas
The most hardest solder on ever

This is the hardest solder job ever. I bought this cause I recently found out my childhood gba isn't realy dead just needed 5his fuse. After painfully trying to get it solders and loosing it 3 times. I can say after 10byears it finnaly lives

Video Game Restoration
Worked great!

Exact fit and works!

Michael Jenkins
Works perfectly

Need a steady hand but works as intended. Be careful not to lose them!

Manuel D Velazquez
Great service

Both batteries charged up and worked great. Fuses were able to be installed.

Thomas Minnick
Actually didn't receive the fuse.

Wasn't worth fussing to try to get a replacement shipped. I didn't receive the fuse, I received a power filter in it's place. I had ordered the fuse as a spare/contingency and didn't immediately need it.

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for this review. I'm sorry to hear about this mixup.

If you want to send us an email at, we would be glad to correct this situation for you.

Never hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns.

The RM Team