Game Boy Advance IPS LCD Centering Bracket

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This 3D printed bracket has been custom designed to center the Funny Playing IPS LCD in a Game Boy Advance shell.

This bracket is no longer included with the purchase of the IPS LCD kit.

Unlike the AGS-101 screen, the IPS LCD is thinner with a larger bezel on the left side, meaning more work is typically required to center and secure the panel. Since most of the display isn't supported by the shell, we designed this bracket to streamline the installation process and securely center the LCD in the frame.


  • Custom printed for a perfect fit with the IPS LCD
  • Centers the LCD in the GBA shell
  • Prints in unobtrusive colors
  • New! Updated revision works with both the V1 and V2 ribbon


If you'd like to 3D print your own IPS LCD centering bracket, our .STL file is open source and available on Thingiverse. 


  • 1 x IPS LCD centering bracket


  • This product is specifically designed for the IPS LCD.
  • Installing this product requires trimming part of the plastic from the GBA shell. We offer a trimming option specifically for the IPS LCD on all our GBA shells.
  • The V2 ribbon is shaped slightly different from the V2 ribbon. Our newest revision works with both versions of the ribbon cable

Change Log

2019-08-29: Updated the bracket for the V2 ribbon

Customer Reviews

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Michael Torrez

Game Boy Advance IPS LCD Centering Bracket

Bobby Holloway

Game Boy Advance IPS LCD Centering Bracket


It's the soul of your new GBA. That's it. You'll cry. Believe me.

Jenny Edwards
5 stars

Does the trick!

Richard Achilles
Fits well but have one in spear now

Fits well and I would definitely recommend it. Makes the installation process a lot easier.
In my case there was already one included with the GameBoy Advance IPS screen also it was mentioned in the IPS description there isn‘t. The description should be updated.