Anton Veretenenko's GBAmp v3

Anton Veretenenko
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The Game Boy / Pocket / Color version of this product has been discontinued. Our in-house audio amplifier can be used in the GBC. 

Anton Veretenenko's GBAmp by is a compact, Hi-Fi grade, Class-D amplifier module for the Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. It's designed to boost the low volume of original consoles and give it a nice, powerful sound. It also helps improve battery life.


  • Two versions: one for the GB, MGB, and CGB, one for the GBA
  • Boosts your handhelds' audio
  • Helps improve battery life
  • V3 now mutes the speaker when headphones are inserted



  • 1 x GBAmp V3 board


  • These amplifiers require you to use the 2W Budget Gameboy Pocket / Color / Advance Replacement Speaker
  • Please keep in mind that the GBA always puts out a low-level hissing or high-pitch noise due to the GBA's hardware. An amplifier will make this noise louder. If you’re sensitive to these kinds of noises, an amplifier is not for you