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Game Boy Color IR Touch Sensor Cover

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If you have a modded Game Boy Color that has a touch brightness sensor, or simply want to add a little bit of extra color to your console, these custom 3D-printed IR covers are for you! These covers fit both OEM and aftermarket shells, and fit the touch brightness sensor on the IPS LCD and similar backlit LCDs. 


  • 3D-printed replacement IR port cover
  • Compatible with both OEM and aftermarket shells
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Wide enough to fit the IPS touch sensor, while also thin enough to register touch input
  • Satisfying textured feel


        In order for this IR cover to be compatible with all Game Boy Color shells, there are risers on each side that may need to be removed. These are a different color than the rest of the IR cover, to make them easy to identify. Attempt to fit the IR cover into the shell; if the IR cover does not fit, gently break off these risers with a pair of side cutters. 

        If you would like to print a touch sensor cover yourself, you can find the file on our Thingiverse page here.


        • 1 x Game Boy Color IR Touch Sensor Cover


        • Colors may vary from what you see on your display
        • While this product is designed for and functions with touch sensors such as the one used with the IPS, the IR sensor will likely not function

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 3 reviews
          Excellent Product

          I've purchased quite a few of these, and they all fit into my reshells perfectly. I love that I can match the color to my designs: retro modding really knows how to please modders who have a wide variety of palettes!

          Good variety of colors, but require elbow grease

          I was able to buy an IR cover that matched my custom gameboy, but it had a lot of excess material that needed to be cut and sanded away. The surface was also textured, so I needed to sand and buff it to a nice shine. If you have flush cutters, files, and/or sanding boards and don't mind a little extra work, then this is a good option! I wasn't expecting to do the extra work, so I'm only rating 3 stars.

          Hi Madison,

          Thanks for this review.

          This cover was designed to be textured. As for needing to cut the cover, there is a little part of the cover that's made to be cut, depending on the type of shell you need. This is all described on the product page.

          Don't hesitate to contact us at for any inquiries or question.

          The RM Team


          Fit does need some slight trimming as the ones I received appeared to be 3d printed, not much was needed to fit, however if you decide to swap out the ir sensor cover, just be prepared. Other than that they fit perfectly and look great.