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McWill's Game Boy Color LCD Upgrade

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After bringing high-quality backlight kits to the GameGear and the Atari Lynx, McWill returns with a backlight for the Game Boy Color. This true plug-and-play drop-in kit will dramatically improve the brightness, color, and contrast of the GBC so you can enjoy your favorite retro games like never before. No soldering necessary!

Looking for a lens for your new drop-in kit? Custom glass lenses sized specifically for the kit's display size are now available!


  • True drop-in solution—no soldering necessary
  • All-in-one PCB solution
  • 2:1 integer scale of the GBC's native resolution
  • Same aspect ratio as the original GBC screen
  • No flickering or screen tearing
  • LCD and PCB come pre-attached for easy installation



  • 1 x Game Boy Color LCD upgrade (LCD + PCB)


  • We're selling the solder-free version 1.1.
  • Each kit is tested before shipping
  • If batteries are low when attempting to turn on the Game Boy Color after performing the mod, the LCD may not power on with the first try. You may need to turn the GBC on and off 2-3 times before starting to play. This phenomenon can be avoided by using fresh batteries, keeping charged batteries in the console, or pairing this product with the McWill USB charging kit.
  • Avoid placing pressure directly on the screen. Hold the edges of the drop-in kit carefully when installing it in your console. Do not pinch the screen between your fingers when manipulating it
  • Too much pressure can permanently damage the screen and result in rows of dead pixels. Do not force the shell closed around the LCD. If necessary, remove more plastic from the shell.


  • LCD may break under pressure or if dropped. We recommend you exercise care when installing this product.

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