Game Boy RGB Backlight Kit

Deadpan Robot
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These high-quality backlight kits for the original Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket individually control the red, green, and blue LEDs to give you incredible control over the look of your DMG or MGB.


  • 7 colors in one backlight with individually controlled red, green, and blue LEDS
  • Compatible with DMG, PIL, and MGB handhelds
  • Set it up to display your favorite color or install it with a 4 Position DIP Switch to adjust the color with ease
  • Flexible printed circuit board
  • Large solder pads for easy installation


  • 1 x Backlight panel
  • 1 x Polarization film
  • 1 x 150 Ohm resistor (red)
  • 2 x 100 Ohm resistors (green and blue)
  • 1 x Wire


    • Install the polarisation film with the concave side facing the LCD (up) and the convex side, which has a blue stripe on the protective film, facing the backlight panel (down)
    • Remember to remove the protective film from both sides of the polarising film and from the front of the backlight panel.
    • Use our 4 position DIP switch to control the color of your backlight
    • Installing a backlight reduces the perceived contrast of a dot matrix LCD. For best results, pair this product with a Game Boy Bivert Board
    • Do not bend the FPC during installation. Breaking the connections on the FPC can prevent this product from working as intended
    • Supplied by Deadpan Robot

    Customer Reviews

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    Alexander Dyas

    Does what it says on the tin.

    RGB backlight

    Great product no problems with it once installed if this is what you want to do to your gameboy you wont regret it.