Xipher's Game Boy Color to Pocket Conversion Kit

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Are you looking to play your favourite Game Boy Color games, while enjoying the form factor of the Game Boy Pocket? Maybe gain a rechargeable USB-C battery out of it? If so, this kit will help you get there! Containing a PCB designed by Xipher, as well as a few helpful extras, this kit will get you started on what you need for your Game Boy Color Pocket build. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is an advanced DIY project, and isn't recommended for beginners. We highly recommend you carefully read through the entire product page and review the videos linked in the Documentation section, to judge whether or not this project is for you before purchase. Be aware, we cannot be held responsible for any damage to your console that occurs when undertaking this project. 


  • PCB designed by Xipher allowing the Game Boy Color pcb to fit into a Game Boy Pocket shell
  • Adds rechargeable battery (battery sold separately) with USB-C charging
  • Also includes a number of necessary parts to help get you started on the project


    Xipher has uploaded a number of tutorial videos to help with this project, which we recommend watching: part one, part two, part three.


    This kit includes 3D-printed port covers, also designed by Xipher. The file to print your own can be found on Xipher's Thingiverse page here. As well, our in-house 3D-printed screw posts are available on our own Thingiverse page here.


    • 1 x Xipher's Color to Pocket PCB
    • 2 x Capacitors (C35 and C38)
    • 1 x Battery Power Manager
    • 1 x USB-C Port
    • 1 x 3D-printed USB-C Housing Support
    • 2 x 3D-printed screw posts
    • 2 x 3D-printed port covers, designed by Xipher


    • Colors may vary from what you see on your display
    • This is an aftermarket product and may not feel identical to its genuine counterpart
    • While this kit contains a number of parts to help you get started with this project, it does not contain everything needed; notably, while the USB-C port and a 3D-printed housing support are provided, a battery is not included in this kit due to shipping restrictions. We recommend either the 1000mAh 50mm x 20mm x 10mm battery or the 850mAh 45mm x 20mm x 8mm battery, both available here. Please take note of the shipping restrictions listed in the Notes section on that page.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Xipher kit really eases io the installation

      Its a great product that does what's advertised

      Isiah Lane
      Great Kit To Expand Your Skill

      This kit gives you some great 3D printed parts you need to complete the build and honestly is awesome because of the level of difficulty with this type of mod project. It will teach you a lot along the way and test you. Mine did not come out quite as I hoped but I know I can take what I learned and do another for sure. Really want to even.

      Robert Irizarry
      Awesome kit!

      This was a tough build, but well worth the effort! Keep up the good work Xipher and thanks for supplying RM!

      Jacqueline Reinhardt
      Thank you so much Xipher and RM Team!

      I just want to say that the Retro Modding customer service team was incredible :) USPS for some reason decided not to deliver the original package, and instead returned it to sender. But RM were super helpful and ended up sending over another discounted kit so I wouldn't have to wait for the original package to boomerang back across the continental U.S. Whew!

      The conversion kit itself was great, tough build and satisfying. I ended up deviating from Xipher's video in several ways, but problem solving is half the fun! Thank you Retromodding!

      Stephanie Rivera
      Xipher making wet dreams come true!

      Excellent kit and very easy to follow YouTube tutorial from Xipher.