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Game Boy Bivert Board

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This custom PCB is the simplest and most effective way to bivert an original Nintendo Game Boy. Backlighting the Game Boy's dot matrix LCD descreases the perceived contrast of the image. To improve its contrast and clarity, we invert the image twice: once by rotating the polarized film 90 degrees and once by installing this board. This process is known as biverting.

Our V2 now boasts a more compact footprint! At nearly half the size of the original board, it's never been easier to bivert your DMG. 


  • Completely wireless installation
  • Optimized circuit for minimal signal loss and interference
  • Cleaner results than using a bivert chip
  • V2's smaller footprint simplifies installation


  • 1 x Game Boy Bivert Board


  • This product is intended for use in the original Game Boy (DMG and PIL)
  • Installing this PBC is only one part of the bivert process. Please ensure that you also rotate the polarized film that came with your backlight by 90 degrees
  • Biverting your Game Boy will make the image more difficult to see in full daylight but results in a dramatic improvement in dimmer light situations
  • The bivert board V2 (compact) has undergone a couple of design revisions. Please note that the product you receive may look slightly different from the one pictured

Change Log

2019-08-28: Uploaded photo of the V2 board; added note about aesthetic differences between revisions