GB EMS USB 64M Smart Card

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This flash card connected to USB port directly to flash game. No need for a programmer.

GB64M has 32M x 2 Banks. So, maximum game size is 32M.


  • Support for GB/CGB/GBA/GBP
  • Supports GB/CGB ROMs (including LSDJ)
  • Multiple game ROMs on the same cartridge are allowed
  • Connects to PC via mini-B type USB cable
  • Software supported on Windows XP (32bit), Vista (32bit), and 7 beta (32bit)
  • Easily replaceable battery (for SRAM). No soldering is required
  • Dual Banks
  • 1m/128K of RAM

Important things to consider:

  • Game *.sav file is stored in sram. only one *.sav can be stored at the same time
  • Cartridge also compatible with the transferrer II system


Unofficial downloads:

Unofficial, user-developed support apps

For Linux, OS X, and BSD operating systems you may use this software (Still in alpha).

(The product not include Mini-B USB cable)