Game Boy Advance AGS-101 Voltage Regulator V2

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Introducing the Voltage Regulator V2 (VRV2), our combined in-house voltage regulator and digital brightness controller for Game Boy Advance AGS-101 mods. This compact board provides the appropriate voltage and current to the AGS-101 to produce a clear backlit image while giving you extraordinary control over the brightness of your display. Enjoy greater stability and reliability with your next mod.


  • All-in-one PCB solution
  • Simple 8-wire installation
  • Dramatically improves the brightness of the AGS-101 LCD by supplying the appropriate output voltage of 12.2V
  • Operating voltage between 1.7V and 3.2V (meaning no flickering with low batteries)
  • Supports software-based sleep mode included in select games (Super Mario Bros. 3, Zelda, etc.) through low-power mode
  • 3-button in-game brightness selection
  • 12 brightness settings
  • Fully compatible with the Retro Modding rechargeable battery pack



  • 1 x Retro Modding's VRV2 with built-in brightness controller


  • This is an in-house product. For troubleshooting or support queries, please reach out to us directly on Facebook or by email at
  • Intended for use in Game Boy Advance AGS-101 mods