BennVenn's Digital Backlight Brightness Controller

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V2!! Smaller, more efficient.

Wire this little board in for keypad control over your LCD Backlight or frontlight

6 wires to install, one of which is the trigger button (usually START or SELECT), This board monitors the trigger button for a 2 second press, on detection it will enter brightness change mode where you can use up and down buttons to select 1 of 256 brightness settings. After 4 seconds of no keypad activity or a second press of the trigger button, it will save to its re-writable memory and remember next time you power up.

PWM control above the audible range to eliminate any introduced system noise.

Compatible with any 101 modded system. Extend your battery life! GBC/GBA/SP - Backlight, frontlight or even auxiliary led lighting hidden away inside your console

Here is what's included:

Board Only:

  • 1x BennVenn's Digital Backlight Brightness Controller for AGS-101 LCD to be used in GBA or GBC mods

Note: The picture depicts the older bigger model.