BennVenn's ElClono - GBC101 Mod Board

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First came BennVennb's GBC101 ribbon adapter. After 5 iterations China got hold of one and cloned it. This is BennVenn's response to that clone.

Reduced price, same functionality, GBC101 ribbon board.

Compatible only with Aftermarket AGS101 LCD's.

No soldering required* (The option for alternate GBC signalling found on some CPU-B CPU's is available and will need a jumper soldered to make use of this)

No brightness controller included.

These have been tested on all GBC variants with no issues however this is only V1.0 and there could be bugs that have not yet been discovered. Please keep this in mind when purchasing. If you would prefer to wait for V1.1, they'll be out mid this year.


  • 1x El Clono mod board (Tested & Assembled)