BennVenn's Gameboy Color AGS-101 Backlit LCD Conversion Ribbon Cable

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Backlit Color Game Boy are now possible! You can now use an AGS-101 LCD (after-market) to get the most out of your CGB.

An installation guide will be available soon from our Tutorials page.

v2.3 (Pre-Order)


The latest Revision V2.3! No soldering required, No Pin3 mod required to your GBC motherboard. Fully compatible with ALL GBC motherboard versions. 


Here is what's included:

  • 1x BennVenn's GBC backlight Conversion Ribbon Cable (Compatible with these AGS-101 LCDs)

v2.1 (IN STOCK)


This revised conversion ribbon cable will let you use an original or aftermarket AGS-101 LCD inside your Color Gameboy with minimal soldering. Shell sculpting will be required to fit the new LCD inside. A Gizmo! is included to regulate the console's clock signal. 



    NOTE: Please read this fully before purchasing.