Game Boy Advance IPS LCD Glass Screen Lens

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These silk screen glass lenses have been custom designed with a wider viewing area for the IPS LCD and are intended to be used with the centered installation method. With superior scratch resistance for long term clarity, these replacement lenses enhance the appearance of your console, improve screen visibility, and flawlessly frame your stunning new LCD.

Modding your Game Boy Advance with the AGS-101 LCD? Check out our AGS-101 glass lenses.


  • Custom designed with a wider viewing area to accommodate the IPS LCD's slightly larger display
  • Scratch resistant glass keeps your lens looking clear for improved durability and superior aesthetic performance
  • Fits genuine and aftermarket Game Boy Advance shells
  • Strong 3M adhesive for easy and reliable installationno glue necessary
  • Ships with protective plastic film attached to the front of the lens
  • Single color, no logo


Available in black, white, red, pastel mint, pastel mint, pastel pink, and cerulean blue.


    • 1 x Game Boy Advance glass screen lens for the IPS LCD
    • 1 x Adhesive for installation (pre-attached)


      • Intended for IPS LCDs installed using our 3D-printed centering bracket
      • Recommended for use on shells trimmed for the IPS LCD
      • While it can be used with the AGS-101, part of the shell will be visible around the edges
      • Not compatible with the GBA SP
      • If installing the LCD in a vibrant shell, you might want to color the edge of the shell around the viewing opening with a black paint marker to prevent the shell from being visible through the lens


      • Glass may shatter under pressure or if dropped. We always recommend that you exercise care when installing glass products.

      Customer Reviews

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      Christopher Battle
      Greats products with some caveats

      I ordered the pre trimmed shell from this site as well and it wasn’t as described. It was not perfectly fit for the IPS screen display and now there is a bit of border bleed on all edges due to the gap. Also, it said they would be already precut for the battery mod and they were not either.

      David McAndrew
      Awesome product

      Awesome product!! Worked better than I thought!


      If you were going to do 1 mid to your gba this is the one!

      Didn't work/install instructions lacking

      The instructions for installation give a very broad assumption that you know how to unplug all wires, or what screws to take out etc. I'm fairly certain the ribbon cable connector came loose from the motherboard during installation due to my lack of knowledge on how to disconnect the stock wiring. I attempted to solder it back to the motherboard with no luck. Had the installation instruction been more detailed I'm sure that this item would have worked. I will never know however.

      Hi Zach,

      Thank you for this honest review. We are sorry to hear about this bad experience. We would like to look into this issue with you and find a solution. Would you be able to send us an email at

      Don't hesitate to contact us for any assistance.

      Great Finishing Touch

      I originally had this lens on my modded GBA and it was great. Only thing I didn't like was that it didn't have a logo. The quality is top notch and I have it stashed away as a back up. Only reason I replaced it was I found a lense that had a red GBA logo that fit my color scheme