Game Boy Advance SP Shell Insert

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These custom, 3D printed inserts are designed for use in transparent Game Boy Advance SP shells. They're a great way to set your console apart and conceal the foam backing of the AGS-001 or 101 LCD. Add a vibrant flash of color to your SP or choose a monochromatic shade for a more modern look.


  • Designed to fit perfectly in clear GBA SP shells
  • 3D printed with a textured finish
  • Friction fit, no glue installation
  • Conceals AGS LCD backing
  • Offers an excellent opportunity to customize your SP


  • Currently available in fourteen colors, from vibrant hues to modern grays. Please not that not all colors pictured are available. 


  • If you'd like to 3D print your own GBA SP shell insert in a color of your choosing, our STL file is open source and available on Thingiverse


  • 1 x GBA SP shell insert in a color of your choosing


  • Intended for use in transparent GBA SP shells. This product will not be visible in opaque shells.
  • The foam backing on the AGS-001 LCD is soft enough that it does not need to be removed for the insert to fit in the shell. If using the insert with the AGS-101, you'll have to remove the top layer of black foam tape from the back of the AGS-101
  • The shell insert in White is laser cut PET
  • Console not included
  • Colors may vary from what you see on your display

Customer Reviews

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Game Boy Advance SP Shell Insert

Very good product

Good Enough

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the product. The insert fits nicely in both FUNNYPLAYING and Cloud Gaming screens (although, due to the nature of the CGS screens, one side will be raised.)

A warning, however, because the insert is not quite big enough to cover the entirety of the back of an IPS-compatible screen, so if you have foam back there or something it'll stick out the side slightly. Not a complete deal breaker, but might be if you care a lot about uniformity. Probably fits perfectly on a non-IPS shell.

Solved the problem

I got through shell swapping to a clear shell, and I didn't foresee the cheap white foam of the screen replacement to be such an eye sore. This cleaned it right up, looks great!

Shell fit great!

The fit was nice and only required a small amount of trimming for the mod I was doing. Will buy again

Nice finishing touch

This little plastic insert fits perfectly and adds a splash of color to the transparent SP shells.