Game Boy Bivert Board

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This custom made PCB is the best and easiest way to bivert an Original Nintendo Game Boy (DMG-01).

We're thrilled to introduce our Bivert Board V2, now with a more compact footprint!


  • Completely wireless installation
  • Optimised circuit for minimal signal loss or interference
  • Cleaner results than using a BIVERT CHIP

    Backlighting the dot matrix LCD of your Game Boy decreases the perceived contrast. A Bivert Mod will give you improved contrast and clarity.

    Installing this PCB is one part of the Bivert process - the other is to rotate the polarising film that came with your backlight by ninety degrees.

    It will, however, be more difficult to see in full daylight but is a dramatic improvement when viewing in dimmer light situations.


    • The original bivert board is pictured above. Please refer to the variant name (V1 or V2 Compact), not the product picture, to determine which product you are ordering.