ASM's Density Backlight

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With the Density Gameboy backlight, you are no longer required to cut the LCD's housing during installation. Additionally, there is no more concern of breaking off wires during assembling or while stripping them.

With it's slim footprint, no additional pressure is put on the LCD.

The solder connections are conveniently placed off to the side to allow for a much simpler installation in gameboy pockets. The wires will now will no longer interfere with the ribbon cable.


  • Both DMG and MGB support
  • Connected to regulated power; no dimming.
  • 4 LEDs, mounted vertically
  • Preserves power LED and LCD housing completely
  • Built in resistor
  • Machine molded polarized film to fit in either 90 degrees or 0 degrees without lifting the LCD
  • No pre-attached wires (no more breaking)
  • 1.2mm panel (1.4mm total thickness)


  • Density Backlight Panel
  • Bidirectional or Omnidirectional polarized film
  • Hookup wires