BennVenn's ElCheapo SD Flash Cart V2.2

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Previous issues with V03 GBC motherboards, and some GBA consoles have been fixed in this new hardware version.

Firmware is currently at 2.015. A video of the current firmware and cart operation will be out in the coming days.

Tested working - mbc1, mbc2, mbc3, mbc5 ROMs. No reported problems playing any original GB or GBC game. LSDJ FULLY COMPATIBLE

Save states on most games. Not all are supported, estimate about 90% are supported. Some of the few unsupported can be very easily modified to enable SS. Please report any games that are buggy with states and I'll work on a fix, if they can be fixed.

Cheat engine not yet completed but verified with current hardware. 

Multiple save states not yet completed but verified with current hardware.

Like the V1, there will be regular updates addressing all reported issues.

Hardware Informations

No RTC in this hardware version.

8mbytes total, 4mbytes available for ROM

128k total SRAM, 128k available to ROM

3.3v to 5v level translators

No battery required.

SD not included. Tested with cards 2gb to 32gb SDHC

Tested working on GBA, SP, GBC, DMG, Pocket. Save states tested on GBA, GBC, SP, DMG, pocket.


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