BennVenn's ElClono - GBC101 Mod Board

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This GBC101 ribbon board allows you to connect the backlit AGS-101 LCD to your Game Boy Color. Offered at a reduced price compared to the earlier ribbon cable design.

Please read the entire product description carefully before ordering.



  • Backlight your Game Boy Color with the classic AGS-101 LCD
  • Solder-free installation with the exception of the CGB signalling on some CPUs (needs a jumper solder) 


  • 1 x ElClono mod board


  • Not compatible with genuine AGS-101 LCDs
  • 3D printed screw posts are available to help you complete your GBC-101 mod more easily
  • Boards come pre-assembled
  • This product does not include a brightness controller
  • This model has been tested on all CGB models with no issue, but please note that this is an early version and there still may be undiscovered bugs.