BennVenn's Gameboy Color AGS-101 Backlit LCD Conversion Ribbon Cable

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This product has been discontinued in favor of the El-Clono adapter.

Backlight your Game Boy Color with an aftermarket AGS-101 LCD to get the most out of your CGB.


  • Compatible with all GBC board revisions (V2.3 and V2.4 only)
  • No Pin 3 mod required (V2.3 and V2.4 only)
  • V2.4  includes optional digital brightness control (require extra soldering)


  • 1 x GBC backlight conversion ribbon cable of your choosing


  • This product is not compatible with genuine AGS-101 LCDs
  • Shell trimming is required for use with this product. We offer trimming for AGS-101 with the purchase of any of our Game Boy Color shells
  • Version 2.1 ribbons have their firmware updated to V2.3. A separate PCB is included for the upgrade