BennVenn's Joey-Joebags

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This Gen3 Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance reader and writer offers ever-growing flash cart support. 

The Joey is no longer a drag and drop device. Gen3 is coded in python and will run on any system with Python 3.4.3, PyUSB, or Tkinter installed. Compiled, stand-alone binaries are included for Windows machines.


  • Version 3.15 supports ROM dump of all GB, GBC, and GBA carts, as well as read and write SRAM to all GB and GBC carts
  • Supports ElCheapo flash carts
  • Flashing support for EMS 32/64, BV 64/256, Nintendo Power Cart, and Shark MX cart
  • 3D printed enclosure available in multiple colors
  • Supports Game Boy Camera


  • 1 x Joey-Joebags


  • Flash cart not included
  • Tested with EMS 64, BennVenn, NP cart, MX cart, Pokémon, assorted GB and GBC carts, and original and bootleg GBA carts
  • The hardware protocol is open source, as is the python script
  • Gen3 has been modified to enable the Game Boy Camera to send images back to a PC in real time. Image rates are 5 fps