BennVenn's SP LCD converter board (AGS-101 to DMG Game Boy)

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Introducing the ultimate DMG LCD upgrade. With this SP LCD converter board, you can now use a Genuine AGS-001 or AGS-101 LCD in your DMG.


  • Backlight your DMG with an AGS screen



  • This is not an easy mod. Attempt this mod at your own risk
  • Requires soldering 9 wires to the Flat Flex Connector and one wire to the Game Boy's crystal oscillator
  • Installing the LCD require trimming the front shell and cutting a slot in the PCB for the SP ribbon to slip through
  • There is a small graphics glitch in the 8 lowest lines of pixels. When the game turns the LCD off for any period of time, it inadvertently copies the first 8 lines of data to the bottom of the screen. During gameplay, this is usually black or white. Please take this into consideration before purchasing.