BennVenn's SP LCD converter board (AGS-101 to DMG Game Boy)

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The ultimate DMG LCD upgrade. Fit a Genuine GBASP Back lit or Front lit LCD into your DMG.

Requires soldering 9 wires to the Flat Flex Connector plus one wire to the GB's Crystal oscillator.

Installation of the LCD requires some cutting of the front case half and a slot in the PCB for the SP ribbon to slip through.

Note: There is a small graphics glitch in the lowest 8 lines. This occurs when the game turns the LCD off for any period, it inadvertently copies the first 8 lines of data to the bottom of the screen. In actual gameplay this is usually black or in some programs White. A vinyl sticker mask is being considered to frame only the game screen. Please take this into consideration when purchasing. Photo's attached to show the artefact.

This is NOT an easy mod.

    Here's what you get:

    Color may slightly vary from what you see on your display.