Build to Order Game Boy Advance (IPS LCD)

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Design the Game Boy Advance of your dreams with our build to order GBA service. This model uses the crisp IPS LCD display for a more modern feel. You'll receive a fully-built console.

The IPS LCD is a sharp, vibrant LCD that's brighter than the AGS-101 (yes, even brighter than the AGS-101 with a voltage regulator). It supports software-based sleep mode and allows you to choose between ten different brightness settings by holding the SELECT button and pressing the left and right triggers. 

If you're looking for a custom unit with an unmodified screen or with the AGS-101, please see our other Build to Order Game Boy Advance product page.

Please read the entire product description carefully before placing your order.

Base Price Includes

Lens Options

      Battery Options

      • Retro Modding's Gameboy Advance Ultimate Rechargeable Battery Pack
        • Provides up to 14 hours of continuous play
        • USB rechargeable battery
        • Can be trimmed to allow you to recharge your battery without having to remove the battery door
        • Can be trimmed for a LED pipe so you can keep an eye on the battery light without having to remove the battery door (not necessary on clear shells)


      • All build to order IPS GBA consoles are centered using our centering bracket. 
      • For best results, use lithium batteries, NiMH batteries or our rechargeable battery pack
      • Our units comes with two authenticity stickers: a GBA sticker with a unique serial number and a 3D printed Retro Modding sticker
      • All units are tested prior to being shipped out
      • Given the interest in our build to order consoles, we ask that you please allow up to 8 weeks for your order to be created