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Give your old handhelds new life through Retro Modding’s trade-in program and receive cash or store credit in return!

What Can I Trade for Cash or Store Credit?

We accept any of the following (amounts are for a fully-functional unit and are listed in USD):



Max. Cash

Max. Store Credit

Game Boy (DMG)



Game Boy (PIL)



Game Boy Pocket (MGB)



Game Boy Color (GBC)



Game Boy Advance (AGB)



Game Boy Advance SP (Frontlit AGS-001)



Game Boy Advance SP (Backlit AGS-101)



Game Boy Micro



Game Gear



Neo Geo Pocket Color




How Does the Trade-In Program Work?

Send us any of the above handhelds and we’ll give you cash or store credit in return.

Tell us which console you'll be sending us and whether you want cash or store credit. If you have multiple different kinds of consoles, add them to your cart as separate products.

You’ll be charged a $1.00 holding fee per console. This acts as an agreement between us and will be credited back to you once we receive and appraise the units. You will bear the costs of shipping the unit to us (non-refundable). Do not add anything else to your cart with your trade-in consoles.

If the unit meets our quality assurance requirements, we’ll transfer you the funds via PayPal Friends or issue you a coupon code for Retro Modding store credit. Amounts listed above are for consoles that meet our requirements. These amounts are subject to change following appraisal.

If the console does not meet our minimum requirements or if parts are missing (ex: not including the genuine Nintendo SP charger), we will offer you a reduced price for the functional components. At this point, you can either accept our new offer or have us ship your console back to you. Please note that you will be responsible for paying return shipping.

Please note that the processing time on these consoles is approximately 30 days.

How Do I Know my Handheld is still Fully Functional?

To save you the time and expense of shipping us a console that doesn’t pass our Quality Assurance tests, here are some things you can do to make sure your handheld still works:

  • Turn on the console and see if it can still play games
  • Test all buttons, ports, switches, and dials to ensure they’re in working order (don’t forget the EXT port)
  • Examine your screen to make sure there aren’t any dead pixels
  • Listen to the audio through the speakers and the headphone jack to make sure it’s clear
  • Make sure all pins are intact in the cartridge slot
  • Is your console clean and in good visual condition
  • Are all genuine charging cables still functional and included (if applicable)

Units that do not meet these guidelines may still be traded in for cash or store credit, but the amount we will provide will vary from the numbers listed above.

Can My Console to Be Used in My Build to Order?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of units we work with and the thorough testing and cleaning process each board undergoes before being modded, we cannot connect individual boards to build to order units. You can use the store credit you acquire from trading in your consoles to purchase of a build to order, but you will not receive the same console you sold us. Due to our modding process, we cannot make exceptions. 

How to Safely Ship and Package my Console?

To make sure the unit arrives safely, it’s important to be mindful about how you package your old consoles. Wrap the items in bubble wrap or ship them in padded boxes. Please refrain from wrapping your consoles in old towels or newspapers. Do not use an excessive amount of tape and do not apply tape directly to the console.

How Can I Tell What Game Boy or Game Boy Advance SP I have?

DMG refers to the original 1989 grey Game Boy. PIL refers to the Play it Loud series released in 1995, which were available in a range of vibrant colors. You can also look at the board number. Anything above version 6 will be the PIL model.

The quickest way to determine if your SP is the AGS-001 or the AGS-101 model is to look at the label on the underside. No label? No problem. Just turn on your SP and have a look at the screen. If it’s dimly lit and slightly washed out and if the lighting button (the small button right below the center of the hinge) can turn the screen off, you have an AGS-001. If it’s brightly backlit like a smartphone and if the lighting button only dims the light rather than turning it off, you have an AGS-101. 

Please note that these tips apply to consoles that have not been modified. If consoles were misclassified prior to shipping, we will pay the amount listed for the product we received, not the product that was entered in our online form. We price units based on the internals, not the shell colors and labels.

Where to Ship my Console?

Please ship your console to the appropriate address depending on where you're shipping from. If the unit arrives damaged or defective, you’re responsible for paying the return shipping costs. You bear the cost of any customs or delivery fees. We invite you to please review what we’re looking for in a fully functional handheld before taking advantage of our trade-in program. Please ensure that you write your unique order number in place of ######. 

Canadian & International Customers

Attn: TIA #####
111 Rue Chabanel Ouest
Suite 420
Montreal, QC H2N 1C8

US Customers 

Attn: TIA #####
3501 Jack Northrop Ave
Suite #ALR064
Hawthorne, CA 90250

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Patrick Li
Good trade in value

happy my old gameboys will be used for exciting mods and enjoyed by new people