Freeplay CM3 - Atomic Purple Shell / Clear Purple Buttons

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You want to receive a Freeplay CM3 unit and skip our usual 2 months lead-time?

Be quick! 

Specifications of this ready-to-ship unit : 

  • Freeplay CM3
  • (New style) Soft X-Y Buttons
  • Clear Purple Buttons
  • Black X-Y Buttons
  • Black Start-Select
    • Holographic Game Boy Advance Glass Lens
    • Black Lanyard
    • 2000mAh Battery
    • NO L2/R2

    Not what you are looking for? 

    Looking for a custom Freeplay CM3?

    Get a custom Build to Order Freeplay CM3

    Important Notes:

    • Allow 2 open days to QA and prepare your package
    • No cosmetic or technical modification will be taking into account, what you see on the picture and what is described is what you'll get.
    • Our units comes with two authenticity stickers: a Modded in Quebec sticker with a unique serial number and a 3D printed Retro Modding sticker.