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Freeplay CM3 L2R2 ADC Add-On Board

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$20.99 USD
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The Freeplay CM3 L2R2 add-on board was primarily designed to introduce three additional buttons to your Freeplay CM3 unit⁠—two triggers, one hotkey. The board also includes options to install a special fan that pulls air through the hole in the circuit board and blows it out the side across the fins of the heat sink on your CM3's CPU.


  • Introduces two additional trigger buttons to your Freeplay CM3 in order to make the most of PlayStation and Nintendo 64 games
  • Introduces a hotkey button to your CM3
  • Includes option to purchase with or without a fan
  • Adds 4 analog chips via i2c that can be used by the Freeplay joystick driver for a PSP1000 analog stick or similar



  • 1 x Freeplay CM3 L2R2 add-on board


  • This kit requires that you add parts to your existing Freeplay CM3, which may involve soldering and modifying your shell
  • This board will require that you install and edit software on your Freeplay CM3. This project is intended for modders who have advanced understanding of how to operate Linux
  • Some builders have added dual analog sticks using the 4 analog inputs. Imagination is the limit!
  • Please note that you will void your warranty if you add this product to a build to order Freeplay CM3 you have already received as it requires you to open the console
  • Photos are meant to serve as examples and are not indicative of exactly what you will receive in the box