Freeplay CM3: Metal Jesus Rocks Edition

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As featured recently on Metal Jesus Rocks Youtube channel, the Freeplay CM3 Metal Jesus Rocks Edition offers all the best features currently available in the Freeplay world.

What's a Freeplay CM3 ?

The Freeplay CM3 is a handheld console that integrates the power of the Raspberry Pi CM3 inside the convenient form factor of the Game Boy Advance. The Freeplay CM3 uses the Raspberry Pi Computing Module 3 which has the same exact processor as a Raspberry Pi 3, but with a convenient size specifically designed to be built into other devices as a main control unit.

The project was initially known as Gamepie Advance and used a Raspberry Pi Zero as processing unit until a (successful) Kickstarter campaign was launched to fund the Raspberry Pi CM3 version. 

The Freeplaytech's Freeplay CM3 is inspired by (and runs) RetroPieRetroPie is built on top of RaspbianEmulationStationRetroArch & Libretro, etc. If you haven’t checked out those projects, please do.

Who is this made for ?

This console is intended for gamers with an intermediate to advanced computer knowledge. Users will need to connect to the device through FTP or SSH to configure, remap buttons, upload games, etc. Users needs to be aware they will be required to read online documentation and forums to understand the full extent of the unit.


  • Freeplay CM3
  • 3.2" TFT LCD
  • 2000 mAh battery
  • Freeplay L2/R2 Addon Board
    • L2 & R2 buttons for PSX and N64 games support.
    • Fan for better temperature control.
  • Freeplay LCD Brightness Controller
    • Brightness control via interface menu.
  • Durable Glass Lens
  • Support most games from the early days up to N64/PSX


Freeplay CM3 - Features
Freeplay CM3 - Features
Freeplay CM3 - Features

Included Games

Thanks to our partnership with Acclaim Canada / Collector Vision, all our Freeplay CM3 units now come with three pre-loaded games:

Sydney Hunter & The Caverns of Death

Sydney Hunter & The Caverns of Death

Platform: Super Nintendo
Type: Platformer
Developper: CollectorVision Games / Acclaim Canada

Sydney Hunter™ & The Caverns of Death is a new retro-style adventure/puzzle platformer for the Super Nintendo™ Entertainment System. Armed only with his trusty boomerang, Sydney must navigate dark caverns while avoiding bats, ghosts, hot lava and other obstacles. If you can survive all 12 caverns, you will be able to win your freedom!

This is NOT a new homebrew game. It's a brand new, full featured game!

Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribes (Sega Master System + ColecoVision)

Sydney Hunter And The Sacred Tribe

Platform: Sega Master System + ColecoVision
Type: Platformer
Developper: CollectorVision Games / Acclaim Canada

You’re Sydney Hunter, the great adventurer. You’ve been exploring the Yucatán Peninsula, seeking treasures. As you traveled, you were captured in the night by a mysterious tribe. Although they claim they won’t hurt you, you are still their prisoner…

What's Included

  • 1x Ready to play Freeplay CM3 unit (built according to your color choices)
  • 3x Pre-loaded games

Optional / Recommended

  • Micro USB OTG Adaptor
  • Micro USB OTG Cable
  • Micro USB Cable to USB
  • Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable
  • Protective Neoprene Sleeve

Not what you are looking for? 

Looking for a custom Freeplay CM3?

Get a custom Build to Order Freeplay CM3.

Looking for a DIY version to avoid labour fee?

Check out the Freeplay CM3 DIY Kit Builder.

Don't need all that power or looking for a more affordable version?

Check out the Build to Order Freeplay Zero.


Do not buy this expecting an easy to work with gadget. We do not offer any software-related support. We don't take any responsibility on how you decide to use this gaming device.