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Freeplay LCD Brightness Controller

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This small, flexible circuit board allows you to add a brightness control feature to your Freeplay Zero or Freeplay CM3. In addition to the physical install, you'll also need to add the brightness control software to your operating system.


  • Compact add-on board
  • Change your console's brightness setting through the Retro Pie menu
  • System saves brightness settings even after shutting down and rebooting



  • 1 x Freeplay LCD Brightness Controller ribbon


  • To install this product, you need to connect it in line with the existing LCD ribbon cable. The LCD ribbon cable locks into this expansion header and the "finger" side of the controller locks into the Freeplay Zero/CM3 header.
  • Installing this product requires 2 wires to be soldered to the Freeplay Zero/CM3 circuit board 
  • On the Freeplay CM3, two resistors will need to be removed in order to install this ribbon