Game Boy IPS LCD (RIPS v4)

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If you're looking for a crisp, full-sized backlit LCD for your Game Boy, look no further than this IPS LCD kit. This kit contains everything required to give your old DMG a bright new display. In addition, the viewing area is the same size as the stock display, meaning no special lens is required!

The DIY kit will provide you with all that you need to install this LCD, and will require some soldering for the Game Boy speaker(not included). 

If you're looking to go all the way with refreshing the look of your old Game Boy, check out our shells, buttons, and glass lenses


  • LCD replacement for original Game Boy
  • Includes replacement front PCB with button contacts
  • Minor soldering is required (two wires)
  • Minor shell trimming required 
  • Multiple color modes to choose from
  • New to v4: "color adjust" option to allow for further customization of color palette
  • Brightness control (replaces contrast wheel)


    v4 DIY Kit:

    • 1 x IPS LCD
    • 1 x Front PCB
    • 1 x Video Driver PCB
    • 1 x Front PCB Ribbon Cable
    • 1 x Video Driver PCB Ribbon Cable
    • 1 x Glass Screen Lens
    • 1 x 3D-Printed Bracket
    • 1 x Adhesive


    • The files for the V4 3D printed bracket can be found on our Thingiverse, here


    • This is an aftermarket product and may not feel identical to its genuine counterpart
    • We strongly recommend testing the display before installing it in your Game Boy. Please confirm the kit is working before connecting the tape, bracket, and LCD. We are unable to accept returns on kits that have been installed in a console. Individual replacement parts are available above in the "Included" section for the v3.
    • Too much pressure can permanently damage the screen and result in rows of dead pixels. Do not force the shell closed around the LCD.
    • Some minor shell modification is required, involving cutting the screw posts on the interior front of the shell. This trimming can be accomplished with a pair of side cutters.
    • For v4 kits, the display on the LCD may be misaligned to the viewport; holding the brightness wheel will bring up an options display, where you can adjust the horizontal and vertical position of the image to align it with the console viewport
    • On-screen battery display is a rough estimate, and may not be accurate


    • LCD may break under pressure or if dropped. We recommend you exercise care when installing this product.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 53 reviews
    Justin D Trabue
    Gameboy ISP LCD screen

    Love the upgrade. Customer service is outstanding. My first screen showed up damaged and they sent me a replacement right away. New screen works wonderfully

    Justin Girardot
    Easy install

    This new screen is great and easy to install , it definitely revived an all time classic

    Peul Choi
    Bracket was made incorrectly

    Doesn’t fit and is misaligned

    Hi Peul,

    Thank you for this honest review. We are sorry to hear about this.

    Would you be able to email our support email address? We would love to look into this with you and send you the good bracket if you did not receive the correct one.

    Don't hesitate to contact us for any assistance.

    Incredible Screen

    Bright colors, great contrast and very easy to install. Controls are intuitive to use and the shell trimming necessary was minimal. Already ordered more.

    Works great!

    I love it! Being able to customize the colors pallets and screen position is so cool!