Game Boy IPS V3 (RIPS) LCD Centering Bracket

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This 3D printed bracket has been custom designed to center version 3 of the RIPS LCD in a Game Boy shell.

This bracket comes included with the purchase of the v3 IPS LCD DIY kit.

While not explicitly required to install the IPS, this friction-fit bracket allows for a safe, easy, adhesive-free installation of the v3 IPS for Game Boy.

Note that this bracket is designed for the version 3 IPS kit; it is not compatible with earlier version of the kit. 


  • Custom printed for a perfect fit with the IPS LCD
  • Centers the LCD in the DMG shell
  • Prints in unobtrusive colors


If you'd like to 3D print your own IPS LCD centering bracket, our .STL file is open source and available on Thingiverse. 


  • 1 x IPS LCD centering bracket


  • This product is specifically designed for v3 of the IPS LCD; it is not compatible with earlier versions of the DMG IPS.
  • Installing this product requires trimming part of the plastic from the DMG shell; two screw posts and one switch support must be fully removed from the shell.
  • When installing the front PCB, discard the rubber spacer block and do not fully tighten the screw closest to the color wheel.