Game Boy RGB Backlight Kit

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High-quality backlight kits are a compatible size for both the original Game Boy - DMG and Game Boy Pocket - MGB.


  • 7 COLORS IN ONE BACKLIGHT - Red Green and Blue individually controlled LEDs for the ULTIMATE CUSTOM GAME BOY
  • Tune to your favourite colour and leave installed or set up with a 4 Position DIP Switch or BennVenn's RGB Controller Board to ADJUST ON THE FLY

Kit includes:

  • Backlight Panel
  • Polarisation Film
  • 150ohm resistor (Red)
  • 2 x 100ohm resistors (Green and Blue)
  • Wire

Installation tips:

  • Install the polarisation film with the concave side facing the LCD (UP) and the convex side (which has a blue stripe on the protective film) facing the backlight panel (DOWN).
  • Remove the protective film from BOTH SIDES of the polarising film and from the FRONT of the backlight panel.
  • Use our 4 position DIP switch to constantly control the colour of your backlight - connect each colour to ground to illuminate - 7 colours to choose from, any time you like.
  • ...or even better: BennVenn's RGB Controller Board.
  • Installing a backlight reduces the perceived contrast of a dot matrix LCD - we recommend also installing a Game boy Bivert Board to get the best results.


Supplied by Deadpan Robot.