Game Boy Advance Flash Cart 128M

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This 128M Game Boy Advance flash cart supports SRAM saves and allows you to write homebrew games onto the cart using a reader-writer. Shells are available in clear red, clear green, clear blue, and genuine Nintendo gray.


  • 128M (16 Mbytes)
  • Supports SRAM saves
  • EEPROM ROM's can be patched for compatibility
  • Genuine Nintendo cart shells available in gray
  • Third party cart shells available in clear red, clear green, and clear blue


  • 1 x 128M GBA flash cart


  • You will need a cart reader and writer like the Joey Joebags to write homebrew onto this cart.
  • Gray cartridges are genuine GBA carts and may be lightly used. We cannot guarantee their cosmetic condition
  • Colors may vary from what you see on your display